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Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 9: Cụm phụ âm ở giữa từ

R: consonant clusters - YouTube

9.1 Underline all the consonant clusters within the words in this text (ie. not at the beginning or end of words). Note that some words have two consonant clusters.

When I started playing badminton, I was sixty and I hadn’t done any strenuous exercise for almost twenty years. But after just a few months I’d won the over-fifties national championship and an international competition. My husband thinks I’m crazy and that I’ll injure myself. But I’ve found a number of advantages in taking up a sport. I feel much healthier, and it’s important to be active at my age. And meeting new people has improved my social life. So I’ll carry on playing until I get too old.

Now check your answers in the Key. Then read the text aloud, focusing on the pronunciation of words with underlined consonant clusters.

9.2 Listen and repeat phrase 1 in column A with a slight pause between the two speech units. Then listen and repeat phrase 1 in column B, making sure you run the words together without a pause. Then do the same for phrases 2-10 (notice that the underlined clusters are the same in columns A and B). Some underlined consonant clusters in column B are simplified. Try to make the same simplifications when you repeat them (see Key for details of simplifications).



1 // Jack was in the audience// trying not to laugh//

2 // the ring looked very elegant// sparkling in the sunlight//

3 // here’s some milk// drink it now//

4 // I hear you won the contract// great news//

5 // if you’re going to the coast// fly there//

6 // if you find any of my old books// throw them away//

7 // it’s got two bedrooms// slightly small//

8 // it’s very old// Bridget says//

9 / there was a footprint// small like a child’’s//

10 // it was sad in some parts// humorous in others//

// she’s a freelance translator//

// the president spoke next//

// she wore a silk dress//

// it looked green to me//

// it’s on the first floor//

// he speaks three languages//

// lift your arms slow!y//

// there was a cold _breeze//

// what’s that unpleasant smell//

// it‘s huge//



9.3 Match a word from box A with a word from box B to make compound nouns. Say the compounds aloud, making sure you run the words in the compound together.



blood     direct     general     golf     lamp     first     passive     rock     lost     speech     time     tourist

club    property     music     peisening     class     shade     smoking     speech     strike     therapist     trap     travel


EXAMPLE blood_poisoning (/d/ in ‘blood’ is pronounced like /b/)

Listen, check your answers and repeat the compounds, making the same simplifications of consonant clusters where these occur (see Key for details of simplifications).

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