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Đáp án Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 13: Hậu tố và dấu nhấn từ (3)

Stress in Longer Words by daphne.24



inter’vention = S (inter’vene)                     se’curity = S (se’cure)                               advan’tageous = D (ad’vantage)

Ca’nadian = D (‘Canada)                          con’sumption = S (con’sume)                     maturity = S (ma’ture)

stu’pidity = D (‘stupid)                              appli’cation = D (a’pply)                             ‘sanity = S (sane)

nor’mality = D (‘normal)                            de’livery = S (de’liver)                                  pre’cision = S (pre’cise)

‘preference = D (pre’fer)                              sin’cerity = S (sin’cere)                              di’version = S (di’vert)


– The words with a different vowel sound from their root are:

intervention /e/ (intervene /i:/)

consumption /a/ (consume /u:/)

sanity /æ/ (sane /eɪ/)

precision /i/ (precise /aɪ/)

sincerity /e/ (sincere /ɪə/)

– The words with the same vowel sound as their root are:

familiarise /ɪ/ (familiar /ɪ/)

security /ʊə/ (secure /ʊə/)

maturity /ʊə/ (mature /ʊə/)

delivery /ɪ/ (deliver /ɪ/)

diversion /ɜː/ (divert /ɜː/)


1a divide                              b division

2 a competitive                     b compete

3a collision                          b collide

4a example                         b exemplary

5 a national                         b nation


Vowel sound in main stressed syllable of root

/ɒ/ (as in stop)

/ɪ/ (as in sit)

/aɪ/ (as in drive)

/æ/ (as in black)

/e/ (as in pen)


commercial (commerce)

evolution (evolve)

modernity (modern)

symbolic (symbol)

historic (history)

influential (influence)



financial (finance)

decision (decide)

accidental (accident)

calculation (calculate)

magnetic (magnet)


(special) demonstration (demonstrate)

medicinal (medicine)



Chia sẻ ngay trên các MXH sau để tạo tín hiệu tốt cho bài viết :)

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