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Thi thử TOEIC ETS 2020 – Test 1 – Listening – Học hay

Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 1 – Học Hay

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Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.

Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.

  1. Who wants to organize the patient files?

(A) Min-Su would like to

(B) Our phone number has changed

(C) A well-run organization


  1. Why didn’t Miranda shut down the computers yesterday?

(A) Yes, my new laptop

(B) Outside of office 101

(C) Because She left early


  1. Would you like the pie or the pudding for dessert

(A) About 5 dollars

(B)The pie sounds delicious

(C) I just put it on.


  1. Didn’t you read Mr. Kim’s memo?

(A) He used to live there

(B) A newspaper article

(C) Yes, I read it this morning


  1. We can put a seafood dish on the menu, can’t we?

(A) They’re in a stack over here

(B) a restaurant with a view of the ocean

(C) We can if you’d like


  1. Who managed the flower store last year?

(A) No, a monthly order

(B) Some yellow roses, please

(C) Marta did it


  1. Do you mind filling out our customer-satisfaction survey? (A)

(A)I filled the tank in the car yesterday

(B) Sure, I can do that

(C)  The stairs are around the corner


  1. Why aren’t those workers wearing their uniforms?

(A) Because they just finished their shift

(B) I did work in manufacturing

(C)  A green shirt and jacket


  1. Do you want me to ask Jake about the report?

(A) Yes, that’s  good idea

(B) Somewhere on your desk

(C) How was the conference?


  1. Should I display the data on a chart or on a graph?

(A) They’re more energy efficient

(B) No, that can’t be right

(C) A graph would be better


  1. Where can I get breakfast near this hotel?

(A) Cream and sugar, please

(B) Well, you have a few options

(C) I believe so


  1. What was our net profit for the second quarter?

(A) No, he arrived first

(B) At the new tennis club

(C) Ten thousand dollars


  1. Why don’t you check the prices at a different paint store?

(A) Is there one that you suggest?

(B) Check-in is at eleven o’clock

(C) No, she’s a photographer


  1. When  will the presentation begin?

(A) Actually, I’m not presenting today

(B) The production numbers

(C) A screen and a projector


  1. We’re trying to cut our delivery times

(A) The cords are too long

(B) Our customers will appreciate that

(C) The boxes in the closet


  1. How much juice should I buy for the staff meeting?

(A). Sure, I’ll take the receipt to accounting.

(B). Everyone from the department’s attending

(C). Do you want to get some lunch now?


  1. Shouldn’t you have left for your trip already?

(A) A couple of suitcases

(B) The flight was delayed

(C) Actually, it’s on the right


  1. Has the warrantly expired for our solar-powered lights?

(A) No, we still have two more months

(B)On the wall beneath the whiteboard

(C) The session starts at ten A.M


  1. You’ve placed the supply order, haven’t you?

(A) On the desk is fine

(B) It was a surprise party

(C) I just submitted the payment



  1. When are you showing your clients the house on Bell Street?

(A) On the third floor

(B) Tomorrow afternoon

(C) It’s playing at the downtown theater


  1. How long will the building addition take to complete

(A) I’m reviewing the plans now

(B) You can take that

(C) In the back of the truck


  1. Which evenlope should I use to mail these photos?

(A) No, I’m not using it

(B) By the post office

(C) Are you sending them express?


  1. The quality-control team is inspecting the factory soon

(A) Some spare parts

(B) Thanks, it went well

(C) Everything is ready


  1. Where’s the nearest bus stop?

(A) They work closely together

(B) He left it at home

(C) I’m going there now


  1. Could I come to your office today to sign the rental contract?

(A) A one-bedroom apartment

(B) I’ll be here until five o’clock

(C) Two thousand dollars a month

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

  1. Where is the conversation most likely taking place?

(A) At a hardware store

(B) At a clothing shop

(C) At a bakery

(D) At a pharmacy

  1. How do the speakers hope to increase sales?

(A) By advertising online

(B) By offering a new product

(C) By providing free delivery

(D) By discounting some items

  1. What will the man do next?

(A) Contact a vendor

(B) Talk to a colleague

(C) File some invoices

(D) Get some more supplies


  1. What does the woman say a town recently did?

(A) It elected a mayor.

(B) It fixed a train line.

(C) It cleaned up a community park.

(D) It added a bicycle lane.

  1. Why is the woman pleased about a change?

(A) Her monthly bills are lower.

(B) Her commute is quicker.

(C) Recycling is easier.

(D) A neighborhood looks nicer.

  1. What does the man suggest the women do?

(A) Join a club

(B) Enter a competition

(C) Check an agenda

(D) Post a review


  1. What type of company do the men work for?

(A) An architectural firm

(B) An engineering firm

(C) A construction company

(D) An electronics manufacturer          

  1. What is the purpose of the telephone call?

(A) To cancel an order

(B) To arrange an interview

(C) To ask about a policy

(D) To confirm a reservation

  1. What will be sent to the woman?

(A) A magazine article

(B) A warranty

(C) Directions to a location

(D) Instructions for refunds


  1. Where does the man work?

(A) At a bus station

(B) At a financial firm

(C) At a dental office

(D) At an auto repair shop

  1. What does the man offer to contact the woman about?

(A) A business’s holiday hours

(B) An appointment opening

(C) The status of a delivery

(D) The cost of a service

  1. Why does the man say, “the Number 10 bus stops right outside our building”?

(A) To recommend that the woman take the bus

(B) To request that a bus route be extended

(C) To correct an error on a map

(D) To complain about traffic noise


  1. Where are the speakers?

(A) At a department store

(B)At a medical Clinic

(C) At a library

(D) At a bank

  1. What is the woman trying to do?

(A) Pick up a prescription

(B) Join a rewards program

(C) Make a deposit

(D) Borrow a book

  1. What will the man do next?

(A) Speak to a manager

(B) Prepare some forms

(C) Refund a purchase

(D) Upgrade some software


  1. What product are the distributors coming to see?

(A) A vehicle

(B)A mobile phone

(C) A computer desk

(D) A refrigerator

  1. Why has the meeting been rescheduled?

(A) Some materials did not arrive.

(B) Some employees are still training.

(C) A flight was delayed,

(D) A room was not available.

  1. What will the woman do next?

(A) Call a car service

(B) Submit some paperwork

(C) Hire some caterers

(D) Inspect some equipment


  1. Where are the speakers?

(A) At a conference

(B) At a factory tour

(C) At an interview

(D) At a laboratory

  1. What does the man say he wants to do?

(A) Take some pictures

(B) Ask a question

(C) Look at some machinery

(D) Review a slide show

  1. What does the woman remind the man to do?

(A) Send a resume

(B) Pay a fee

(G) Choose an item

(D) Enjoy some refreshments


  1. What business is the man calling from?

(A) An architectural firm

(B) A marketing agency

(C) An electronics store

(D) A printing shop

  1. Why does the woman say, “We actually have a new company logo”?

(A) To compliment a colleague

(B) To reassure a client

(C) To request an update to an order

(D) To express surprise at a decision

  1. What does the woman ask the man to do?

(A) Charge 8 credit card

(B) Obtain a supervisor‘s approval

(C) Close an account

(D) Update a contract


  1. What do the women do at the museum?

(A) Manage the gift shop

(B) Lead tours

(C) Collect donations

(D) Restore paintings

  1. What most likely caused an increase in museum visitors?

(A) Free parking

(B) Extended hours of operation

(C) A new exhibit

(D) Lower ticket prices

  1. According to the man, what will happen on Thursday?

(A)A fi|m will be shown.

(B)An article will be published.

(C) A city official will host a fund-raiser.

(D) An art collector will give a talk.


  1. What problem does the man have?

(A) He was overcharged for a service.

(B) He forgot his password.

(C) His computer has not been delivered.

(D) His computer is not working properly.

  1. What did the man’s purchase include?

(A) A screen protector

(B) A carrying case

(C) Technical support

(D) Virus protection

  1. What information does the woman request?

(A) A phone number

(B) A mailing address

(C) A model number

(D) A purchase date


  1. What are the speakers preparing for?

(A) A job fair

(B) A client visit

(C) A training session

(D) A retirement dinner

  1. Look at the graphic. How much will the speakers most likely spend per person?

(A) $6

(B) $8

(0) $10

(D) $12

  1. What does the woman say she will do next?

(A) Prepare an itinerary

(B) Buy some train passes

(C) Visit some restaurants

(D) Confirm a hotel reservation


  1. Why does the woman want to talk to the man?

(A) To ask for some advice

(B) To discuss a complaint

(C) To explain a schedule change

(D) To decline an invitation

  1. Look at the graphic. Which step in the procedure does the woman mention?

(A) Step 1

(B) Step 2

(0) Step 3

(D) Step 4

  1. What does the woman say she will do?

(A) Post some instructions

(B) Put away some equipment

(C) Write a report

(D) Forward an e—mail


  1. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a hardware store

(B) At a driving school

(C) At an automotive supply company

(D) At an international shipping company

  1. Look at the graphic. Which month’s sales figures does the woman ask about?

(A) January

(B) February

(C) March

(D) April

  1. What does the man say they will do this month?

(A) Launch a new marketing campaign

(B) Offer a discount for bulk purchases

(C) Hire a consultant

(D) Increase production

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

  1. According to the speaker. what will take place on Saturday?

(A) A retirement party

(B) A holiday parade

(C) A business workshop

(D) A company picnic

  1. Where do the listeners work?

(A) At a bank

(B) At an amusement park

(C)At a restaurant

(D) At a police station

  1. What does the speaker suggest that the listeners do?

(A) Wear warm clothing

(B)  BUse public transportation

(C) Pack a lunch

(D) Bring identification


  1. Where does the speaker most likely work?

(A) At an advertising agency

(B) At a technology firm

(C)At an art museum

(D) At an electronics store

  1. What is the talk mainly about?

(A) Updating a logo

(B) Changing a display

(C) Organizing a contest

(D) Offering a seminar

  1. What does the speaker say he will do this morning?

(A) Set up a meeting

(B) Submit a supply order

(C) Update a Web site

(D)  Print some posters


  1. What is the speaker mainly discussing?

(A) A computer program

(B) A conveyor belt

(C) A storage space

(D) A cooling fan

  1. What key difference does the speaker point out?

(A) Some machinery will run faster.

(B) Some alarms are more sensitive.

(C) A password has been changed.

(D) A time sheet is online.

  1. What does the speaker say the listeners must do?

(A) Speak with a supervisor

(B)  Sign a document

(C)  Watch a video

(D) Work extra hours


  1. According to the speaker, what will happen on Wednesday?

(A)A career fair

(B) A promotional sale

(C) A work site inspection

(D) An employee orientation

  1. What does the speaker imply when she says,

“I don’t have any appointments tomorrow”?

(A) She has not been successful with a client.

(B) She thinks a schedule is wrong.

(C) She has time to take over a task.

(D) She needs to leave work early.

  1. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?

(A) Call her back

(B) Check a calendar

(C) Reserve a booth

(D) Cancel an event


  1. According to the speaker, what is special about this month’s issue of Tech Now?

(A) It is free for university students.

(B) It is about women in technology.

(C) It is the magazine’s first issue.

(D) It has a reader survey.

  1. Who is Erika Cliffton?

(A) A company’s founder

(B) A journalist

(C) An athlete

(D)A financial consultant

  1. What does the magazine offer this week with a subscription?

(A) A laptop case

(B) An umbrella

(C)Access to job listings

(D) A discount coupon for a store


  1. What is the broadcast mainly about?

(A) Diet advice

(B) Exercise tips

(C) Improving sleep

(D) Reducing stress

  1. Why does the speaker say she is surprised?

(A) A task can be very time—consuming.

(B) A popular view is incorrect.

(C) A local business is closing.

(D) A speaker is arriving late.

  1. Why does the speaker say, “We’ll be talking about that on next week’s broadcast”?

(A) To change a schedule

(B)  To make a complaint

(C) To refuse a request

(D) To publicize a future episode


  1. According to the speaker, what is unique about the airport?

(A) It will be powered by solar energy.

(B) It will be made from recycled materials.

(C) It will be built by a famous architect.

(D) It will be the largest in the country.

  1. What does the speaker say will happen next month?

(A) A board meeting

(B) A training session

(C)A job fair

(D)A grand opening

  1. According to the speaker, how can the listeners get information about the construction firm?

(A) By dialing a toll-free number

(B) By visiting a Web site

(C) By watching a documentary

(D) By picking up a brochure


  1. What is the topic of this week‘s podcast?

(A) Historical monuments

(B) Some missing paintings

(C) Classical literature

(D) European composers

  1. Who is the guest on this week‘s podcast?

(A) An actor

(B) A travel agent

(C) A politician

(D) A professor

  1. Why does the speaker say, “this program is only made possible by the financial support of our members”?

(A) To encourage the listeners to make a donafion

(B) To apologize for a limited number of episodes

(C) To prevent people from getting a bonus

(D) To express concern about a proposal job—Seeker Workshops


  1. Look at the graphic. On which date is the talk being given?

(A) June 3

(B) June 10

(C) June 17

(D) June 24

  1. What will the listeners do after the break?

(A) Answer survey questions

(B) Participate in group work

(C) Review some resumes

(D) Watch a video

  1. What does the speaker remind the listeners about?

(A) Some research questions

(B) Some schedule changes

(C) A payment method

(D) A sign-in sheet


  1. Who is the speaker?

(A) A security guard

(B) A project coordinator

(C) A course instructor

(D) A news journalist

  1. Look at the graphic. Where will herbs be planted?

(A) Plot 1

(B) Plot 2

(C) Plot 3

(D) Plot 4

  1. What does the speaker plan to do on Saturday?

(A) Lead a tour

(B) Attend a picnic

(C) Take some photographs

(D) Install a fence

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