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Word Practice 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 5: Conferences – HocHay

Do virtual conferences make more sense today?

Video từ vựng 600 Từ vựng TOEIC– Lesson 5: Conferences – HocHay

Cùng HocHay học tiếng Anh 600 Từ vựng TOEIC các bạn nhé!

600 Từ vựng TOEIC– Lesson 5: Conferences

Words in Context 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 5: Conferences

Read the following passage and write the words in the blanks below.

take part in            accommodate             attending             location         select          arrangements              get in touch                 overcrowded         sessions           associations              hold              register


Many (1) _____ and organizations hold annual conferences so that their members can (2) _____ with each other and (3) _____ educational programs. When planning a conference, event coordinators try to have a variety of (4) _____ so people (5) _____ can (6) _____ a workshop or meeting that best suits their needs. When making (7) _____ for a conference, they look for a site that will (8) _____ all their needs. The site should be able to (9) _____ the number of people expected to attend, without the meeting rooms being (10) _____. Good event coordinators tour the site before making a final decision because brochures cannot show all the necessary details. Having meetings in a fun (11) _____ can really encourage people to (12) _____ for the meeting.


Đáp án:

  1. associations
  2. get in touch
  3. take part in
  4. sessions
  5. attending
  6. select
  7. arrangements
  8. accommodate
  9. hold
  10. overcrowded
  11. location
  12. register

Word Families 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 5: Conferences

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Word Practice 600 Từ vựng TOEIC – Lesson 5: Conferences

Listening Comprehension

Part 1 Photo


Look at the picture and listen to the sentences. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture.





Part 2 Question—Response

Listen to the question and the three responses. Choose the response that best answers the question.









Part 3 Conversation

Listen to the dialogue. Then read each question and choose the best response.

  1. Why are they having difficulty arranging a site for the conference?

(A) it’s a busy time of year.

(B) They procrastinated.

(C) Their group is large.

(D) The coordinator has been sick.

  1. When will the conference take place?

(A) At the end of this month.

(B) Next month.

(C) At the end of this year.

(D) Next year.

  1. How many people do they expect at the conference?

(A) Two hundred.

 (B) Four hundred.

 (C) Five hundred.

 (D) Ten hundred.

Part 4 Talk

Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer.

  1. What is the topic of the talk?

(A) Accommodating disabled people.

(B) Legal responsibility for off-site events.

(C) Arranging conferences.

(D) Preparing convention catalogs.

  1. Where are the speakers?

(A) in a hospital.

(B) Off site.

(C) At a party.

(D) At a convention center.

  1. How should attendees request a special interpreter?

 (A) By asking for one at the time of registration.

 (B) By getting in touch with the head of the facility.

 (C) By registering ahead of the other attendees.

(D) By requesting one when they arrive at a session.


Đáp án:











Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

  1. The banquet room could _____ up to 750 for dinner.

 (A) accommodated

(B) accommodate

(C) accommodation

(D) accommodating

  1. Helen made the final _____ for use of the conference room with the hotel’s general manager.

(A) arranging

(B) arrange

(C) arrangement

(D) arranged

  1. For most people. Samco is _____ with computer chip production.

(A) associate

(B) associated

(C) associating

(D) association

  1. We expect that fewer guests will _____ the evening gala.

(A) attend

(B) attending

(C) attention

 (D) attendance

  1. The association’s members were asked to _____ for the special session well in advance because space in the lecture hall was limited.

 (A) register

(B) registration

(C) registering

 (D) registrar

  1. By adding more class _____, the staff was able to please more members.

 (A) select

(C) selecting

 (B) selective

(D) selections

Part 5 Text Completion

All members of the Countywide Small Business Owners Association are invited to take part in our annual conference, to be held on March 31 at the Grand Hotel in Marysville.

The conference begins at 8:30 AM. with an address by this year’s guest, Cynthia Quinn, owner of Designs by Cynthia. Inc., and winner of numerous business and community awards. Morning small group sessions begin at 9:30. Attendees can _____ (16) from a variety of session topics including Financing Your New Business; Selecting the Best Location; and Formulas for Success. Lunch will be served at 12:30, followed by afternoon small group sessions at 2:00.

This is the Association’s most popular event, so _____ (17) early to assure your place. Fill out the form below and send it to the Association Secretary by March 1. To arrange overnight _____ (18) at the Grand Hotel. get in touch with the hotel reservations clerk at 498-1231. Mention the conference in order to get a special discount price.


(A) select

(B) selection

(C) selective

(D) selectively


(A) will register

(B) must register

 (C) registering

 (D) register


(A) accommodate

 (B) accommodating

 (C) accommodations

 (D) accommodates

Part 7 Reading Comprehension

  1. What are these e-mails about?

(A) The date of the conference.

(B) The conference site.

(C) The topics of the conference sessions.

(D) The number of conference attendees.

  1. How many meeting rooms will they need?

(A) Only three.

(B) At least five.

(C) Up to ten.

(D) Almost 50.

  1. What does Max prefer about the Convention Center?

(A) The price.

(B) The location.

(C) The size.

(D) The people.

  1. The words ‘get in touch’ in line 14 of the first e-mail are closest in meaning to

(A) offer

(B) discuss

(C) provide

(D) contact

  1. The word ‘selecting’ in line 1 of the second e-mail is closest in meaning to

(A) choosing

(B) reserving

(C) comparing

(D) seeking


Đáp án:
















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